Family Law
Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)

Going through a Divorce can be difficult and emotionally excruciating.
Our team of attorneys at Crimmination Inc. can help make the process easier. We help you file and start your dissolution petition. Dissolution of marriage terminates the marriage of spouses and resolves issues between them including assets and debt distribution and support obligations.

In California, dissolution can be based on incurable insanity or irreconcilable difference. Before dissolution can be final a formal judgment signed by the judge must be entered. The amount of time to finalize dissolution is six months and one day from the day the respondent is served or respondent files are responded, whichever comes sooner. There are numerous steps that need to be taken before dissolution can be finalized, at Crimmigration Inc., we help guide you through the process to make it as quick and efficient as possible.

Child Custody

Often the most important family law issue facing parents is the determination of child custody. This custody determines can be extremely stressful and emotional. A judge will determine the custody based on the best interest of the child. There are two types of custody.

Legal custody and Physical custody

Legal custody determine which parent will make a decision concerning child’s health, safety education, and welfare, one parent can make this decision alone, which is also known as sole legal custody or both parents may retain the right to make this decision, known as joint legal custody. Joint legal custody means both parents should cooperate on decision-making, but that either parents has the power to make the decision alone. Sole legal custody means only one parent can make decisions and both and obtain information from the child’s or children’s school and doctors, for example. Physical custody determine where the child or children will reside, Sole physical custody means the child or children live with one parent and may visit the other parents. Joint physical custody means the child or children reside with both parents. In case of joint physical custody, if one parent will have the child more than half of the time then that parent can be labeled the primary custodial parent for tax and other purposes.

We can help advocate for you and your time with your child as well as work toward achieving a better resolution.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence charges are serious and can be hard to get through. The alleged victim, many times is a close friend, or spouse making the processes emotionally draining.

A temporary restraining order (TRO) is a provisional injunction, which can be awarded against you and can have serious repercussion on you legal rights such as child visitation, custody and equal division of marital property upon divorce. It is a court order that an individual must obey. It does not matter that the person, who is protected by the TRO, wants and consents to contact with you. An individual is still required to follow the TRO. If the protected person does want to contact, he or she would have to petition the court to remove the TRO before it becomes lawful for an individual to contact the protected individual.

Moreover a violation of a TRO, can also lead to criminal charges. A TRO can jeopardize your ability to keep your family life intact. Therefore, if you are served with a notice of TRO you may want to contact our office immediately to avoid the negative repercussions of the restraining order; we will pay attention to minute details of your case and be zealous advocates for you in court.

At Crimmigration we have experience in dealing with both criminal and civil charges of Domestic Violence and can better assist you through the process. Domestic violence crimes are taken very seriously and can lead to the initiation of removal proceedings for individuals that are not US citizens. We are able to properly advise you as to your immigration status and how a conviction for Domestic Violence may affect your stay.