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Crimmigration Inc

Crimmigration Inc. A Professional Law Corporation aims at providing immigration law, criminal defense, and family law services in the vicinity of Northern California, including Sacramento, Placer and Yolo County.

Our firm’s goal is to deliver undivided loyalty to our clients so they can enjoy the benefits of an accessible, competent, zealous and ethical legal representation that advances their interests, expeditiously and competently. We also adhere to strict practices of non-disclosure. We welcome anyone seeking legal advice to come in and have a free legal consultation, with the assurance that everything discussed will stay confidential. We strive to render complete loyalty to our clients. All of our attorneys, staff and agents are also bound by the same principles of professional ethics.

Crimmigration Inc. was formed to provide assistance to individuals facing criminal and immigration law related dilemmas. Criminal and immigration law are perceived and practiced, as mutually exclusive areas of law. However, there has been an increasing intersection between the two complicated areas of law. Often clients find themselves having a need to retain two separate attorneys, a criminal defense and an immigration law attorney, to resolve an issue arising out of the same set of facts. Our law firm brings together the expertise from these complicated areas of law to resolve our clients’ legal issues in a more holistically, effectively and most importantly in a cost efficient manner.

Crimmigration Inc., has served clients from very diverse ethnic, social backgrounds and various demographics of society. Our firm is also capable of providing its non-English speaking clients legal advice in popular South Asian languages, Spanish and Russian. This has been an asset for our firm and its clientele as non-English speaking clients will find themselves in an accessible and comfortable environment while seeking legal assistance.

At Crimmigration Inc. you will find simultaneous legal help and free consultations regarding the following areas of law:

  • Criminal Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Family Law
  • Civil
  • DUI/Traffic Tickets

Having handled over hundreds of criminal law cases, particularly DUI’s, Traffic and Domestic Violence the firm is committed to obtaining the best outcome for our client. We are also effectively able to advise our clients of potential immigration issues that are triggered by their criminal case. If an individual is not a US citizen, a conviction to specific crimes can make the individual subject to removal proceedings. Our firm helps to zealously represent clients by offering removal defense and representation throughout the cancellation of removal.

Additionally we have experience in successfully handling and processing client files requiring immigration related services such as: Naturalization, Family based immigration, Deferred Action (DACA applications), U-Visa, TN Visa, and Non-Immigrant Student Visa applications.

We are committed to helping our clients gain access to legal assistance and understand that the first step is to be able to effectively communicate with them. To make it less difficult for our clients, Crimmigration Inc. also retains agents who speak various languages to cater to needs of our non-English speaking clients. Currently we offer services in the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Urdu
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi
  • Russian